Our Coaches

Amy - Orange Half

Amy Mendelblatt – Assistant Coach – Orange Half

Organizer -

Amy has been a member and coach with TBF for 6 years.  She is back to join Tonya, coaching the Orange half group.  Those lucky enough to get the pleasure of training with Amy, immediately recognize her natural ability to lead with her infectious laughter, positive (and humorous) words of encouragement, and genuine enthusiasm.  Here is Amy’s fitness journey in her own words:

“I started running about 6 years ago, after signing up for my first half marathon!  I’ve been hooked ever since.  I try and run a few races every year, and am always up for an adventure.  I’ve done a few trail races, and this picture was taken after an un timed hike up Bald Mountain in Sun Valley, Idaho.  It was 2.5 miles uphill!  Thankfully, there were cookies at the top!  I run to spend time with friends, and I run to show my kids that it’s fun to stay fit and inspire them to do the same.



Bonnie – Orange Half Coach

Assistant Coach - Orange Half Group

Bonnie began her running career solo, training for Gasparilla in 2009, and soon after, recognized the need for some structure and guidance in training for her next.  Google led her to TBF.  It was exactly what she was looking for, and she quickly began to grow her running resume!  Bonnie has since run 19 half marathons, and 2 fulls.  She participated in the Key West Ragnar, and her favorite accomplishment, was completing Disney’s Goofy challenge!  Bonnie’s been an incredible member, leader, volunteer, and coach, for TBF, for the past 7 years. Her goals for this season, are to get herself and everyone she coaches, to finish the races they are training for, pain free, and looking forward to the next one!


Lisa – Yellow / Red Half Coach

Assistant Coach - Yellow / Red Half

Lisa joined TBF last season, and is back for the 2017-2018 season, as a half coach.  She has been running since 2000, when her son was on the cross country team, and she was determined to keep up!  That same year, she was invited to do the Peachtree 10k road race (the largest 10k in the United States) and was hooked.  Lisa has completed one full marathon and several half marathons.  She emerged as a natural coach last season, helping TBF members complete 20+ mile training runs, several Saturdays, and meeting up during the week for hill and speed work.  Lisa is also an incredible cross fit athlete, and understands the importance of a comprehensive training program, that includes more than just miles.  Her positive attitude and enthusiasm are ever present, and we are lucky and excited to welcome her as a part of the coaching team!


Hillary Holden – Yellow Half

Assistant Coach - Yellow Half Coach

This will be Hillary’s first year joining Tampa Bay fit, and we welcome her with excitement and admiration.  She will be coaching the Yellow Half Group, at a pace of 9:30-10:30 / minute miles.  Hillary may be new to TBF, but she is not new to the sport of running.  She began long distance running in high school, and then went on to run competitively in college, for UNF, in Jacksonville, FL.  She is a kindergarten teacher, and has two beautiful girls of her own.  Hillary’s positive outlook, and competitive spirit will be an asset to our program, and all who are able to join Hillary’s group, will surely benefit and thrive!

Kelly Newbill - Orange half Coach

Kelly Newbill – Red Full

Assistant Coach - Red Full

Kelly came to TBF in 2016, as an orange half coach, with incredible energy, positivity, and enthusiasm.  This year she will be leading up the Red Full Marathon group!  In addition to being a TBF coach, she is a dedicated wife, mother, sister and daughter, 20 year Tech Data veteran, life long athlete, and she bleeds garnet and gold (Florida State alum).  She most recently completed her first (and possibly last) triathlon and has done over 30 half marathons, beginning in 2008.  Kelly’s goal for this season, is all about success rate.  She wants to see everyone that starts the season in her group, finishing it, healthy and inspired.  With her trusty selfie stick, we have no doubt that she’ll have the pics to prove it!