Cold Weather Running


By USA FIT Tampa Bay

 Yes, we run in ‘cold’ weather here in Florida. Though it doesn’t last long, here are some tips to stay prepared.

1. Always wear moisture wicking material. Even though it’s cold, you still need to wear good, technical fabrics. Cotton will retain your perspiration and will ultimately make you cold or keep you cold. Cotton can also cause skin irritation when worn during exercise for periods of time. Just avoid it.

2. Layer! Think about layering your (moisture wicking) clothing. Start with a tank or shirt then put a vest or jacket on top. As you warm up, you’ll probably want to peel some of these layers off of you while you’re running/walking. Then you’ll have them ready to put back on when you finish.

3. Cover your ears. Covering your ears when it’s cooler or when it’s windy outside, helps to avoid the dreaded ear ache some of us get while running. You’ll also feel warmer when your ears are warmer.

3. Cover your head. Our heads are a major source of heat release. If you cover your head with a beanie or hat, you can retain some of your heat.

3. Cold weather running socks. Want to avoid toe numbness? Try Drymax Cold Weather Running socks. There is nothing like them.

4. WARM UP. You should always do your warm up drills, skipping, etc before your run/ walk. Now you REALLY need to be diligent in performing warmup exercises before your workout. This will help relieve some tension and prep the muscles for your long workout. Say it with us now: “I wish to be INJURY FREE!”

5. Warm liquids. Some people find that drinking warm tea or coffee before their training run/walk will also help warm up the body. This does not take the place of your warm up drills. Be careful drinking caffeine before a run with no restroom access at the start.

6. Arm warmers, leg warmers, and vests do exist. They do work and they do look cool.

7. Apply chapstick. Helps protect your lips from windburn and dryness.

8. REFLECTIVITY and blinkies. Please be seen. We can’t stress this enough. Buy a blinky. Wear it. Be seen. Be safe. Simple as that. (Yes, blinkies are cool, too!)

9. Cover your fingers. Just like the head and ears, covering your fingers is optional. There are long sleeved shirts and jackets with a thumb hole and there are awesome moisture wicking (NON-COTTON) gloves available. Sometimes keeping your hands, ears and head covered and warm is enough to keep your body warm without extra shirts and jackets. Experiment and decide what works for you.

10. Stay hydrated. We are sweating less than before, but you still need to stay hydrated and keep the nutrition steady. When you feel thirsty, you’ve probably waited too long.

Adapted from USA FIT Galveston’s tips for cold weather running