Don’t Skip the Midweek Training

Midweek runs are as important as the long runs!
Please keep in mind that these ‘during the week’ runs are the key to your overall success. They are important because they build frequency, weekdaystrength, speed, or a different type of endurance in your running. We all have busy schedules and will miss a workout from time to time, it’s ok. Pick up the schedule where you can and NEVER try to make up what you missed. Meaning, if you didn’t run for 3 days don’t add up those miles and run them all at once. Let it go. Also, if you find that you only have time for a 20 min run one day this week, then get in what you can. Some time running is better than no running at all!

Note that your midweek runs should be done on the days scheduled. However, if those days do not work for your schedule, choose a day that works for you. The USA FIT schedule is based on alternating hard/easy days. Rest on the ‘off’ days. It is best not to run on Fridays before your long Saturday run, or on Sundays the day after your long run.