Hot Weather Running Gear


By USA FIT Tampa Bay

Now that the days are heating up, proper clothing is important. You’ll want to remember a few things for hot weather running:

1. Wear clothes that are appropriate for 15 degrees warmer than the temperature is outside. So if it is 80 degrees, dress as if it is 95. It’s a simple math equation that will keep you cooler.

2. Lighter colors reflect the sun. Just like the importance of good, moisture wicking (non-cotton) socks, your clothing should also be moisture wicking…..which means NO COTTON! Good quality, technical fabrics pull moisture away from your skin.
These fabrics help prevent rubbing, chaffing, irritation and hot spots while exercising.

3. Consider lubricants to prevent irritation and chaffing. Body Glide, which looks like a deodorant stick, is a lubricant you apply to areas of potential chaffing. Apply it to areas such as around the waist band, bra straps, neck lines and nipples for guys (yes, seriously, bloody nipples happen and are very painful). Body Glide isĀ available at St. Pete Running Company. There you can also find a selection of light weight moisture wicking clothing, including socks if you still haven’t switched from cotton ones.

4. Sweat proof sunscreen. Need we say more?

Follow these tips and your summer running will be much more enjoyable!