Is it time for a tune-up?

tune upMost of us run for fitness and fun, however some members set finish time goals they would like to accomplish. If you are one of the latter, you may be interested in determining whether you are on target for your upcoming race.

Members who have set a goal time finish for their target race, may wish to complete a 5k training run or race. This run should take the place of your speed or tempo workout the same week. Run at your 5k race pace, and if not at a race, try to avoid a route in which you may have to stop for traffic. After completing this 3.1 mile test, use an online pace calculator to see if you are on target for your finish time goal. If you are not, we can re-evaluate your target finish time and help you determine future goals. Coach Matt’s training pace hand out is a super tool!

This isn’t a theory. Training paces are based on scientific knowledge of how our aerobic systems adapt to the different types of workouts performed when training for a race. No matter your fitness level, the percentage based formula can be calculated. If you’re just curious about your expected finish time on race day, do a test run.

Keep in mind, finish time calculations are based on the runner’s consistency during training, their health on race day, and the race conditions (weather, course elevations, etc). Overall, if you follow the schedule with few or no modifications, stay healthy the week of the race, and race day weather is good, you should be pretty darn close to finishing at the number calculated. Many of our alumni members are believers. They put in the training and run the paces right for them – and PRs are a regular occurrence each season for some. On the contrary, those who set goals, but finish the race slower than their Saturday training pace, may still be training too fast on our Saturday group runs, or too slow on key weekday workouts.

A healthy attitude is just as important on race day. Events can occur that are out of our control. Go into your race with the expectation of finishing strong and injury-free, regardless of your finish time, and finish happy. There’s always another race around the corner.