Our Coaches

Jennifer Wade – Orange Half Coach (Pace Group 12:30 – 14)


Coach Jennifer joins us this year for her first year coaching with USA Fit Tampa Bay and we can’t wait! We are thankful to have her on board and we are sure she’ll be an amazing addition to our coaches.
Jennifer’s running journey info her own words…..
I started running about 6 years ago when my friend asked me to join her Couch to 5k group…our goal race was the Gasparilla 5k. I had never ran before and could not believe what I was capable of after a few nights of training. After my first race I was hooked! We ran 8 races that year. Since then I have completed many 5ks a 15k and 4 half marathons. The running community is a great one. I have been so encouraged by fellow runners, met a lot of great friends and encouraged my friends and family to join me as well. I love helping others set goals and achieve them. I am very excited to be a part of the TBF team and look forward to meeting everyone.