Our Coaches

Jeremie Smith-Encio – Yellow Full Assistant Coach (Pace Group 9:30 – 11)


Jeremie will be coaching at USA Fit Tampa Bay for the first time this year and we are excited to have him! Coach Jeremie’s enthusiasm is contagious and we know he will be a great add to the USA Fit Tampa Bay family.

In his own words…..This is my first year coaching with USA Fit Tampa Bay and I look forward to meeting each coach and member in the upcoming 2018-2019 season. I am looking forward to creating great memories and relationships. My goals this year are to be a positive and supportive resource for the coaching staff and help our members reach their personal goals whether it is crossing the finish line or setting a personal best.

Jeremie’s running journey….

Jeremie has completed an impressive 9 Half Marathons and 1 full marathon. He completed that marathon at Disney (2018) in 4:56 and fastest half marathon was in Jacksonville (2012) 1:41.