Our Coaches

Kurt Kuhlman – Purple Coach (Pace Group 14+ minute mile)


You’ll find Kurt at every TBF run and event, with encouraging words, and a high 5, when you need it the most.  Those joining our walking purple group, will have the fortunate experience of learning from, and getting to know this great man and athlete.  We are happy to have Coach Kurt aboard!  Kurt’s fitness journey in his own words:

I’ve been doing multi-sport (triathlon) for about 11 years. I’ve also completed several half marathons and a full marathon. I’ve been with TBF for 7 years as a runner – this will be my first year as a coach. I was (gratefully) cajoled into TBF by one of my best friends who was also a former coach. My goal is to assist the runners in my group to achieve their goals – all (running) things are possible with TBF!