Matt Conigliaro

Matt C. joined Tampa Bay Fit in 2004 having never done any distance running.  Since then, he has run 40 marathons in 32 states and many half marathons.  He’s on his way to running a marathon in all 50 states before he turns 50, and his best time is 3:16, which he ran at the Mercedes Marathon in Birmingham.  Matt helps coach TBF runners because he enjoys helping runners meet their goals, and he knows from experience that training with others is the best way to appreciate the joy that comes from distance runs–and to finish them with a smile on your face!  Matt has had the good fortune of running all over the country, and he knows that the St. Pete waterfront is one of the most beautiful places to run.  He can’t wait for our next season to start.  When running, Matt tries to forget that he is an attorney.  He and his wife live downtown.