Our Coaches

Meropi Richards – Orange Half Assistant Coach (Pace Group 12:30 – 14)


Meropi will be joining our coaching team as an assistant coach for the orange half group. We are very excited to have her join the coaching family.  Her encouragement and support can get you through any run even when you’re having an off day. She’s always up for a start line selfie and has been known to run back and run into the finish line with a friend.  We are so happy to have Assistant Coach Meropi on board!!

Meropi’s running journey in her own words….

In 2013 I hit my highest weight of well over 300 lbs and I knew I needed to make some life changes. I started walking and I tried the gym, but I did not like the treadmill. I found that I would walk for a few mins and then I would stop. So I decided to walk outside. I did a half mile out and that of course meant I had to do that distance back so with that my running journey began! One mile out meant one mile back and so in 2014 I completed my first half marathon! I have completed 12 half marathons so far.  I love running and I hope to inspire others to come out and enjoy it as much as I do.