Our Coaches

Misti Hons – Red Half Coach (Pace group 11-12:30 minute mile)


Joining TBF in 2011 as a member, Misti Hons was quickly seen as an inspiration to others, making her a great fit as a TBF coach. She coached the Red Half group from 2012-2014 while continuing to inspire members with lofty goals she set for herself – like running 13 half marathons in 2013! After a few seasons off, Misti will be returning to coach the Red Half group and is looking forward to encouraging members to do things the never thought possible.

Misti’s running journey….

I started running in 2005 to relieve stress and haven’t stopped. At first it was just as far as I could, then the Susan G Komen 5k, the Turkey Trot 5k (in all cotton may I add, big mistake!), the Gasparilla 15k and I was off and running or called myself a runner. My training was ok, done mostly solo or with a former member of TBF who convinced me to join. Best decision ever!!! Not only have the training runs and seminars improved my running and knowledge of running… it’s the PEOPLE, the people make the difference! Long runs don’t seem so long, highs and lows are shared, commiserated and celebrated; I am happy to say this group has become my ‘running family’. Since joining TBF I have completed 29 half marathons (31 in total) and will be training with the group for the 2018 Tallahassee Target race.