Preparing for Your Longest Training Run

sunset tbfYour longest training run is just a few days away and it’s time to prepare like you would prepare for race day. Below are some tips to help you. Make sure you take care of yourself the few days leading up –  and no strenuous or other activities that could cause injury.

  1. Put out your target race gear and clothing for your dress rehearsal run. Check the weather.
  2. Examine the course. Know where and when you will hydrate and fuel, mimicking as best as you can the same plan for race day. (ex. If you plan alternate water and an electrolyte drink every other 2 miles on race day, plan for this at dress rehearsal.)
  3. Properly hydrate. Hydrating for a long training run or race day begins a week ahead of time.
  4. Sleep well Thursday & Friday evening. Sleeping well two days ahead of the run, can be more important than the night before the run. Sleep deprivation generally has a lag of about 36 hours. If you toss and turn the night before, don’t worry, you’re still ready to go.
  5. Eat a good meal Friday evening. Preferably something similar to what you will eat the night before the race. For TBF finale target race participants, this means our pre-race pasta party!
  6. Glide, vaseline, band aids…whatever you use, make sure you have it ready.
  7. Training snacks and hydration. TBF will provide a fuel station with gummies, pretzels, oranges, Gatorade and water at the Brightwater’s entrance. Bring along any additional or special fuel you require.
  8. Post run refuel. Bring along some protein and carbs for after the run. Most likely, you will not feel like jumping into the car and taking off immediately. May not be a bad idea to bring a foam roller or other device, too.
  9. Post run clothing. Saturday could be a cool morning, be sure you are prepared to get warm after your run.
  10. A smile! When you finish your run, it’s time to celebrate the taper!

Saturday Morning:
If possible, wake up in the same amount of time you will wake up before your run on race morning. Empty your bowels if you can manage it, a restroom will not be open at the start.
Eat what you will eat before the race. We’ve had seminars on nutrition, follow the race week recommendations you learned.
Leave in plenty of time to get a good, thorough dynamic stretching routine in. As soon as you park, begin dynamic stretching to get in a 20 minute warm up.
Be on time, relax, and enjoy your last long run. It’s all icing on the cake after this!