Sponsor Spotlight: Dr. Lorraine Thorpe

If you’ve met Dr. Thorpe outside of her practice, then you know her as ‘Lorraine’. One of our dedicated Tampa Bay Fit members who always has a smile to share. Here’s her running story:

I started running when I was about 14 years old. I was never a great runner, but learned early on that I could run my stresses away with just Dr Thorpea few minutes. In high school I ran track, but only sprints. Then I started playing soccer. If you know anything about Canada, soccer is pretty much the equivalent to football in America. I went on to play soccer in college. That was cut short in my third year due to an ankle injury.

I went through physical therapy and still had a lot of problems. Our team had a chiropractor who was always there for taping and stretching, and he noticed my issues before I did. He was amazing! At the time, I was premed and headed for medical school as soon as my prerequisites were completed. This physician convinced me to follow up in his office. The year was 1992 when he put me on a treadmill with a video camera at ankle level to record my gait. He analyzed my gait and helped me restore normal function more accurately and efficiently than any other facility I’d been to. I was super impressed. Then he asked me why I wanted to go to medical school. I explained my grandfather was a family practice doctor and it was the natural choice.

I proceeded to shadow this physician for a short period of time and noticed how much fun he was having – and how rewarding it was to him having people leave his office feeling so much better! Needless to say, I switched gears and applied to chiropractic college. There was only one English speaking chiropractic college in Canada, so I also applied to a school in Chicago. While there, I met my husband during his radiology residency. We hit it off because we started running together. We ran in the dead of winter and had a blast! So my story about running is: early on it guided me through puberty, then aided in my career choice, and finally helped me connect a bond with my spouse.

Runners are a rare bread, but what we all have in common is the strive for accomplishment and freedom that comes with our runs.

Keep running!

Dr. Thorpe has helped several of our members through her practice. Being a runner herself, she understands the need we have to get back out on the road as soon as possible. As a side note, she has an exceptional office staff, as well! Here is the link to Thorpe Chiropractic. Not only do they offer chiropractic services, but also corrective exercise, postural and spinal screenings, lifestyle advice, nutritional counseling and massage therapy.