Training Programs

USA FIT Tampa Bay members are just like you. Most get involved because they know it’s time to finally get in shape, and for many, that means doing something really different in their lives. They know they have to challenge themselves to step beyond the status quo, because without some accountability and guidance, their efforts might fall flat. Some of our participants are new to running, while others have been doing this for quite some time. But no matter what the individual stories, all share one goal: to get fit and have fun doing it.

Full or Half Marathon Running Programs:

At the start of each season, members participate in a pace finding run or walk to determine the placement that best matches their ability. All participants run or walk at the kick off Saturday during the pace finder run, and will advance up to 12 or 21 miles about the 22nd week of training. All runs will be done alongside members of your color group.


The general format of USA FIT Tampa Bay is as follows:

  • An organized training run each Saturday morning with a group runners whose training pace is similar to yours. Each group is designated by a color – Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, and Purple.
  • A seminar on training, stretching, nutrition and other related topics each Saturday after our run to help you learn the fundamentals of successfully improving your fitness.
  • Lots of time for discussion with your color group members and instruction from your coaches each week at the training run.
  • A schedule of training runs to be completed each week on your own, or if you choose, with other members of your color group.