Our Coaches

Vikki Caradonna – Purple Coach (Pace Group – 14 + minute mile)


Vikki joined TBF in 2014, and will be leading the Purple group with Coach Kurt.  Vikki’s inspiring journey to fitness, motivates all of those around her to follow in her footsteps, with the confidence that they too, can do what may have once seemed impossible.

Vikki’s experience in her own words:

I started running as an activity after I lost over 100 lbs back in 2011. Since then, I’ve completed 21 half marathons, and am working on #22 and #23 this season. My coaching goals this year are to be positive, provide motivation, inspiration and assistance to those seeking to complete their first or fiftieth half marathon. My personal goals are to improve my finish times at my goal races.

“Whether it’s a 16-minute mile or a 7-minute mile, it is still a mile.”

When you first start on your fitness/running journey, you may not be the fastest. You may even be the slowest. It does not make a difference – what matters is that you are taking that first step to challenge your limits and make lasting changes to your life and health. No matter your pace, we all have the same end goal and TBF can get you there.